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I never get tired of talking about, reading, learning, researching real estate.  I do get tired of working though.  My favorite work-time distraction is Lolcats.  I have no idea what cats have to do with cheesburgers and I’ve had to pronounce the captions outloud to decipher what the four-legged cuties are saying, but it can be the biggest laugh of my day. 

If you love the silly things animals do, you HAVE to check out this site.

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  1. Dogs do it for me. Some of the ones on the site broke me up. :)

  2. Larry, check out IHHD (aka I Has a Hot Dog) about dogs by the same creators of LOLcats.

    Vicki, you already know that ICHC is singlehandedly what keeps me from jumping off a bridge every day ;) LOVE lolcats!!! :)

    I can has big hugz???

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