Righteous *&$%#@*$

The other day I was pulling out of a condo parking lot.  Looked both ways.  Didn’t see the guy in the Mini zip around the corner.  I was about to do the sorry wave, with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the phone he shouts, “Wasn’t even looking.”  So as I pass him by, in my oh so diminutive way, I respond, SHUT UP!

One of the ways I draw business is through internet leads.  This works but it also draws in every righteous know-it-all jerk.  I get in contact with Ronald.  He says his neighbor, friend, cousin, they’re all Realtors.  Don’t need you.  Okay.  No problem.  I ignore the fact that he’s utilizing my database.  Then I get this: 

Good Morning Vickie,
I was looking for the photos of the last house you
had on your web site. The MLS # 730754.
Thank you,
Ronald *&^%$#@

Hi Ronald
I would be happy to assist you but, if I recall correctly,
you have a friend who is a realtor that’s helping you with
this purchase.  Could they assist you with this request?

Hello Ms Moore, (First condescending, nastiness – more to follow.)
I’m afraid you have miss interpreted  previous communique.
I believe you were trying to determine if I had a real estate agent
due to the fact that I do most of my real estate searches
on-line. I explained to you at that time that I receive real estate
information from many sources.   (You are expendable.) Yes it is true that I have members of my extend family in the real estate business. (You are one of many.) I also have friends and even my next door neighbor, along with my college professor and some of my fellow class mates are involved in the real estate business. (Your efforts are useless and boring.) I am bombarded with flyers, e-mails and business cards. (I am superior to you.) As a professional photographer, I also have photographed numerous properties for a number of clients and agents.  

(You are an idiot.)  If you feel that I have to have an exclusive with you to
be able to view your listings. (There is no value to your time.  I don’t understand the service you’re providing.)  If you feel that posting a photograph of property you have listed is too difficult, then so be it and you can remove me from your e-mail list.
I just wanted to look at the listed property MLS# 730754,
I didn’t need for you to question my research techniques.
Ronald *&^%$#@  

First of all, Mr. *&^%$#@, there is no need to be rude or
condescending to me. Your lack of understanding of real
estate needs to be enlightened. You have enjoyed access to the multiple listing homes at my expense, as all of the information you have received has been free to you; although you have no intention of using my real estate services. I feed my family by selling houses, Mr *&^%$#@.

I wish you luck in finding an ethical, knowledgeable
realtor amongst all of the many you know. (And besides you don’t know how to spell.)
The other day I was talking to photographer John G.  After taking some exceptionally nice home photos, a completely numb agent said, “Anyone could have taken those.”  Yeah, and I can cook a flambe like Emeril Lagasse.

Where am I going with this?  Be nice.  Don’t be an idiot.

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  1. John G says:

    Do like I do. Turn the other cheek, then stick you tongue out. :)

    Chin up sweetie, what goes around comes around.

  2. Well, like Athol, I had a guy chat with me for 20 minutes through the IM tool on my website. I gave him some really cool information. Then I asked to speak so I could take a mortgage application to proceed with a refinance transaction. The number he gave me was to a strip club! There was no Joe there.

    I guess when you go fishing you’ve gotta deal with a few unworthly weeds that come up in the net!

    Keep on!

  3. Bob Carney says:

    Thats just #@$%&#! GREAT!!! I love it!!!!


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