Statistics – I Demand Statistics

I can’t do one of my favorite things – real-estate-related things – I can’t look up statistics.  The San Mateo county multiple listing service – the omnipotent god of home sales data – is broken.  When it comes to statistics, it’s not that good in the first place.  Most of it has to be done with a calculator and several Advil.   Oh, they’re working on it.  I’m working on it too – working on making a living.  Don’t know when the stats functions – as limited as they are – will be available again. 

So…okay…I’m going to write an article about property taxes.  Larry had a good question about taxes: What do we pay them for?  Well…the San Mateo County site has undergone a facelift.  It went bad.  They hired the guy that uses animal anesthesia and kitchen utensils.  All the links are broken. 

So…now what?  I’m thinking…

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  1. OMG, best reason for taxes ever- to pay the chef/taxidermist IT guy ;)

    Good luck on your stats…

  2. Screw driver, pliers, and a big hammer on their way.
    Or just reboot the machine watch a movie and think about it tomorrow.

  3. San Mat Home Buyer says:

    Your not the only fed up with these people. Paging the Fed…..

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