The Multiple Listing Service Can Be Very Ugly

One of the first things I do in the morning is check to see what new houses are for sale in San Mateo.  I see what’s sold, what expired…I see ugly.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of home buyers see the house they end up buying on the internet first.  Before they ever make it out to the house they’ve search every known real estate website for every last detail they can find.  They know what it sold for last, who owned it for how long, and certainly how much they think they should offer and why.

What searchers don’t normally see are the comments that the listing agent can leave for other agents.  Things like the lock box code, that there’s a big bad dog that will bite you if you don’t make an appointment – or a big seller; take off your shoes before you go in, etc.

The other day a client emailed me:  What’s TFT?  Well, that’s Transaction Fell Through which is usually followed by “no fault of seller.”  In this climate it’s not unusually for nervous home buyers to change their minds.

But why would the seller’s agent use that valuable marketing space for TFT?  I don’t know; nor do I know why they’d use it for “property is next to rail road tracks,” “short sale/subject to lender approval.”

How about this enticing comment, “REO property, Buyer is aware that the property may be currently occupied & is a cash only sale. Seller may not be able to convey possesion (sic) at the time of closing. Eviction proceedings may have begun.”  Hmm.

But the worst offense is bad picture taking.  C’mon people.  Even bad cameras can make you look good if you get out of the way.

And…what do you want the buyer to get out of this picture?

This is not good.

Why bother?

This is what I’m talking about.  This is lifestyle!  If you were looking for a house on the water everything about this picture says BuyMe!

Gregory Strang of Coldwell Banker has a winner here.  1009 Shoal, San Mateo is ready for its next party.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms of pure entertainment fun.  What guest wouldn’t be impressed with this place?

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