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<p>Another Client Who Still Likes Me</p>

Another Client Who Still Likes Me

Over the long weekend I received an inconsiderate, rude email from a woman I’ve never met, nor spoke to – not that either of those things would make how I feel about what she said or what I’m about to say any different.

I’m a damn good agent – and yes, that’s my opinion.  If you don’t know what to think of that, good.  Thinking is important and it’s important to think before I speak – and I have. 

At the end of a home sale or purchase, it’s a win if the client still likes me – not because I’ve changed from the beginning to the end.  I’m still the same person I was the first day we met.  My services, beliefs, morals, ethics – just plain who I am – hasn’t changed.  It’s the client whose changed.  They have just gone through one of the most stressful and anxiety-producing events of their life.  After a tornado of intense emotion and sometimes a difficult transaction, for whatever reason, it’s a win if they still like me.

When someone such as this woman attacks me – even though I don’t even know who she is – I wonder what could I have done differently.  How could I have changed her reaction.  The bottom line answer is that I couldn’t.  It’s not about me.  It’s about her.  It’s about them.  I always do my best.  Sometimes it’s good enough for people; sometimes it isn’t.

That venom came out of her fingers – not mine.  I didn’t instigate it, encourage it or deserve it. 

Here’s a link to clients who still like me.    I thank God for them.  They make the crap I have to deal with in my job minuscule.

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  1. Larry says:


    Not to worry. You can please some of the people some of the time. Others are just cranky. :>)

  2. Vicki,

    I have had similar experiences myself. There has been one person – I know he’s a mortgage broker too – who reads my blog and from time to time writes these nasty emails to me – all with fake names. I know it’s the same guy becuase of the way he writes.

    I wrote back once and told him to just ignore me – the world is a big place. He apparently can’t – becuase he sent me another one of those vile e-mails last week.

    I guess it comes with the territory.

  3. I hear ya Larry! You can’t please ‘everyone’ all the time (as much as we’d like to).

    And hey Vicki, kinda makes you appreciate the ones who do love ya just that much more doesn’t it?! (You don’t have to answer, I know what your response is :-P )…

  4. Larry says:


    I smell stalker :>(

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