I never got picked first or second for kickball.  I wasn’t on the academic awards honor roll.  I was not top of the class.  I didn’t get chosen to sing at the 8th grade graduation ceremony.  I was too busy loitering in the parking lot to win most likely to succeed.  But lately I’ve felt like queen of the prom.

I might be know affectionately as a smart a** except for the fact that I keep those comments to myself – thus the regular smile on my face.  After a particularly long and annoying day, I let the big mouth out by posting Commission Bashing.  Having that old tape running that I was too stupid to have an opinion and I should shut up, there was a little knot in my stomach. Then something completely unexpected happened.  I got noticed.  Thanks to some influential folks already established in this arena – like Jay Thompson – the snowball got rolling and it’s been downhill ever since.

As a new contributor to I have been given the gift of finding my voice again.  It’s a reminder that you never know what kind of an impact you’re having on those you touch.

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  1. John G says:

    Nice job! (for someone that is unemployed)

  2. Lani Anglin says:

    WATCH OUT WORLD!!!! ;)

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