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I have worked with Vicki to buy two townhouses and sell one, over a six year period. I feel very comfortable working with her and have great confidence in her experience, local knowledge, and integrity. It is great to have complete peace of mind regarding one's realtor! I will always go back to her for my real estate needs!

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Pacifica, CA 94044


Claudia M
Pacifica, CA

"Vicki Moore is the most dedicated person. Her help, knowledge, and support during the house hunt/bidding/buying process was above and beyond her line of duty. Her patience through the dozens of homes shown to us, always being there to answer our many questions, and her calm and friendly manner was genuine and reassuring. Vicki Moore becomes your friend, and stays your friend. Even years down the road, she will call or stop by to see how you are doing. This is such an important detail in an agent. Vicki would always answer her phone, and on the off chance we got her voice mail, our phone call was always answered within the hour. Even at midnight! Vicki was the first agent to approach me and my children when we walked into the real estate office. Her kindness and sincerity puts you immediately at ease. With Vicki Moore, you know what you get. She is definitely the number one agent in our eyes. We cannot recommend her enough."

Teresa Taylor
Pacifica, CA

"When my mother died, my sister and I faced the daunting prospect of selling our family home during a down period in the market from 1000 miles away. Vicki Moore was sensitive to all aspects of the sale. She understood that it wasn't a house being sold, but a home--and that the circumstances made the sale difficult. She handled all the major aspects with total professionalism, and she managed the minor details (including putting out the garbage on a Sunday night) with unfailing good will. I have nothing but positive feelings about the entire sale, and that's a surprise."

Carl Deuker
Redwood City, CA