Burgers Are The New Yogurt

First it was cupcakes, then frozen yogurt became the rage in San Mateo.  Now it’s burgers.  I’m not a food connoisseur – my favorite meal is grilled cheese and tomato soup. But I love burgers and this new rage is one I’ve gotten into.

Godfathers Burger Lounge1500 El Camino Real Belmont – (650) 637-9257
I put them first for a reason and that’s because they’re the best!  The place is tiny and their burgers take quite a bit of time to cook so bring your patience.  Most nights are busy and require a wait.  Their sweet potato fries are delicious.  If there’s any chance that you might not eat your whole burger try one of their fabulous desserts.

Jack’s Prime - 3723 South El Camino Real San Mateo – (650) 638-1479
Before Godfathers came along Jack’s was my favorite.  They actually have really good salads and a couple of interesting items like fried pickles and Irish Nacho Fries.

The Counter – 41 West Hillsdale Blvd San Mateo – (650) 212-3200
The Counter San Mateo is the latest addition to the area’s burger craze.  I haven’t been there yet – been to the one in Palo Alto.  We’ll be going on January 12th if you’d like to join us on our maiden run.  Their drink menu is just as interesting and their burger menu.  Burgers and drinks are custom made for you from a check-box menu.

Tops Burgers and Grill - 450 S Norfolk San Mateo – 650-344-8679
I haven’t gotten over there yet, but they say they’re the best in the nation.  They’re a real community oriented place so they’re high on my list to check out.  Been there?  Would love to hear what you have to say.

Rave Burger – 144 E. 3rd Street San Mateo – (650) 342-6689
Unfortunately I didn’t have the best experience at Rave but after seeing the really good reviews they have on Yelp I think I’ll have to give them another try.

Jeffrey’s Hamburger – 42 S B St San Mateo – (650) 348-8698
Jeffrey’s is a good ol’ hamburger place.  They have hot dogs – which are really good – tuna melts, grilled cheese – and – drum roll, please – milk shakes!

Taxi’s Hamburgers – 2700 S El Camino Real San Mateo – (650) 377-1947
Taxi’s has been around so long I almost forgot about them.  They’re good in a pinch.  I have to say the quality of the meat isn’t fantastic but the fries are good and milk shakes are awesome.

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